So you want to make Movez with us?

What does a Brand Liaison do?

A Movez Brand Liaison is a student who serves as a liaison to represent the brand in a positive light and by doing so, help to increase brand awareness, user base, and host use.

Career Benefits of becoming Brand Liaison 

The best brand liaison in each area will get promoted to Head College Outreach coordinator for that particular city.
Good addition to your resume and job recommendations.
Opportunity to become a part of a very select and young network system.

Who do we want to become a Brand Liaison for Movez?

We are looking for socially motivated, organized, driven students looking for an entrepreneurial experience. Ideally, our brand liaison will have connections to multiple campus networks or organizations. The program will consist of promoting the app at your perspective college campus and or city. This work will be rewarded with Movez prizes which will be determined based on the amount of users you acquired for the app.


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